Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Las Vegas Body Painting Article in Las Vegas Weekly

Very cool article in Las Vegas Weekly.

Here is my favorite paragraph:
The energy level was higher on the last day, as was the creativity. And the temperature—even the models held towelettes under their pits to keep sweat from smearing paint. Though the final presentation ran very late, it was worth the price of a Red Bull to discover that most of the models were dancers too, performing choreography ranging from Balinese ritual to robot moves, showgirl tease, MMA, nunchuk demonstrations, contortion and mime. One artist even sang her model’s accompaniment a capella.

The singer was Rachel from Hawaii. Apparently her sound wasnt cued right and after coaxing her model out to the stage she belted out her description of her work -- totally spontaneously. Rachel rocked the house!

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