Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bella Volen Body painter: Las Vegas Convention

Hopefully Bella's link will work for you. It didnt for me but i want to give you an opportunity to experience what this woman was about. Bella has a masters in fine arts and is so much more than a body painter. She combines body art with the aesthetic, architecture and symbolism. She says she does 'trasformations'

Yes, you can appropriately read into this that her body art is much more than where the paint meets the skin, as she's thought long and hard about her work. As a third generation artist who has been painting for 50 hours per week since she was 12 years old in her native Bulgaria, Bella embodies her art....

Bella gave her Las Vegas class an overview of body art from early peoples to its raucous teenage years during the free love 1960's then she gave us a glimpse into how she works as she painted the model above. One of the biggest ideas I picked up during her presentation was the fact that black can be too powerful, too heavy, and can create visual holes in your work. You are much better off to use two complementary colors mixed to a dark color. Color wheel complements will create a 'living dark' color, not a dead, flat black. Bella earned a fourth place finish during the recent North American Body Painting Championships

a quote from her FaceBook fan page

Body painting is unique and very old. I love it because it is alive: the painted body can move, dance, sing. From human skin you can create a 3D illusion, an alien, a building, you can express feelings, a whole world, and this world will exist for a few hours, will stay in your mind, and then it will disappear into the running water.

At the beginning my body paintings were more decorative than my paintings.
Many of them were made for competitions. Now I am only interested in
the creation itself. I was creating androgynous art and I still do. The difference is
that now I work much more on the concept, the idea behind and I like to play with
the space around, so the body will be a part of the whole atmosphere. At the moment
I do not just paint on bodies. I do contemporary body transformations.

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