Thursday, July 2, 2009

FREE Henna Class through the Sonoma County Library System

June 29
Free Henna class in Petaluma today. The class was a BIG one with 23 kids. And it wasn’t that the number was really that big but the tables were in long rows. I really need to re-think my set up.

The librarian was really into it (which is always nice) and she brought a pile of books with mehndi and henna and travel books, and kids story books with pictures and everything. It was a good group but I didn’t get to spend the attention on them that I can when theres only 12 or so. The bummer of the day was that 2 bottles of henna went missing….

We have 5 more classes to go, the next being in Santa Rosa on July 8 – I expect the remaining classes to also be big as both the library and I are really pushing the classes!

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