Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Friday on 4th

July 3
Tonight was the First Friday on 4th in Downtown Santa Rosa. I had some problems getting and keeping staff (both models and painters) so we opted to just offer face painting and henna. Rogers contribution to the evening was to advise me if it was something he could do (like a glitter tattoo) it wasn’t art  and to only bring out things that required skill…we camped next to Mike again. This guy just really doesn’t like kids and well, mine are pretty high maintenance so I kept encouraging them to go play elsewhere…The 4 hours went by pretty darn slowly but I did meet the new ‘administration’ young gal Tara and funny sidekick Ty. They seem like they will be more open to doing something a little more...'interesting'…although the first words out of his mouth were “so, youre not going to cause any trouble this month are you?” I assured him that especially tonight I wouldn’t cause trouble.
I did a few face paintings and a henna for a young mom and her two little boys. They would be separated for a week so they wanted matching henna froggies. Unfortunately no pictures!!

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